What is Therapeutic Coaching?

When I trained as a Life Coach I was very enthusiastic about supporting people to achieve their goals, through coaching. I really wanted to help them break through barriers they were facing and promote action and a subsequent sense of achievement.

Having done some training in counselling I knew the importance of listening and responding to the emotional and mental challenges people were facing.

So when I started delivering coaching in the model that I had trained in, I felt something was missing. I couldn’t engage with clients without helping them face their pain or by discounting the importance of relationships in their ability to take action.

When I trained as a Psychotherapist and developed further skills and knowledge about therapy I was able to help clients to address their emotional and mental issues.

Working in supporting people to get back to work , using my coaching skills yet still facing the emotional and mental issues, I knew there had to be a better way and began to tentatively use my therapeutic skills and giving them the space to explore how to move forward by taking action whilst addressing their therapeutic needs alongside.
I had found a way that worked for me and for my clients!

I continued to develop this over the next 5 years and saw the impact that it had on the people I worked with to enable them to address their emotional and mental health, to build resilience and to be really proactive in their lives.
I now use this process to support a range of people to achieve growth and to heal their lives.

Here’s what some other therapeutic coaches had to say….

“Coaching is a more directive form of support in comparison to counselling however the work is very collaborative and empowering – it is about taking back control of your life.”

“Life Coaching and counselling are usually seen as separate disciplines, but they’re closely related. It’s not unusual for my counselling clients to want life coaching once they are feeling back on track. If you have been struggling with mental health difficulties for a while, it’s very likely that your life will be off course, and that’s exactly where coaching can help.

On the other hand, if you’re coming to me for Life Coaching, then there’s a fair chance that issues around anxiety, relationships or confidence will come up. If that happens, we’re moving towards the counselling end of the spectrum.”

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what Therapeutic Coaching is and how it will help you.