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Discover How to live a Life of Passion, Purpose and Vision!

Living a Full Happy Life, is that possible?

What's MISSING in your life right now?

Looking at your life over the last 5 years how has this affected you?
If you could change just ONE thing right now, what would it be?
If you had difficulty answering these questions, that’s OK! Answer the next question….
Are you READY to make a change?
If you answered YES, I can help you to uncover how your beliefs, emotions and behaviours are affecting you and enable you to make the next 5 years and beyond great! Understand how to be the real you and to manage and overcome your fears and anxieties.
If you want to show up as the best version of you, truly knowing who you are and having a great vision and sense of purpose and to live your life with the passion it deserves, book a session with me to explore the next steps of your journey.


What is Therapeutic Coaching?

When I trained as a Life Coach I was very enthusiastic about supporting people to achieve their goals, through coaching. I really wanted to help them break through barriers they were facing and promote action and a subsequent sense of achievement.

What I do

I offer you an opportunity to leave anxiety, stuckness and fear and enter into a life of certainty, purpose and passion. I do this through three main types of coaching service, GLOW, Vision SPA™ and 31 Women. I also am available for Mental Health Support through Therapy and Mental Health training. Just click on the links to access.


A therapeutic coaching programme to move you from stuck and anxious to certain and confident.

Do you find yourself thinking I don’t know who I am or I’m not sure what my next move is? Would you like to have better relationships, friendships or to find a life partner but feel you’re getting it all wrong? Would you like to be clearer on your work and career goals and explore how you might live the life you dream of?

Then the GLOW programmme is for you. Creating a therapeutic space for you to explore and working at your pace, I will take you through a series of exercises that will help you get to know yourself better which in turn will help you make good decisions for yourself as well as help you to identify a deeper sense of purpose, reignite your passion for life and work and move you forward with clarity and vision for your life and work.

Vision SPA® workshops

Vision Board workshops for Couples and Individuals and Entrepreneurs

A Vision SPA enables you to find Space to Pause and Assess where you are and identify where you want to go. A one day workshop which takes you on a journey of self-discovery and brings clarity.

The Couples Workshop

Vision board Workshops for Couples

Works with each of you individually, then brings you together to look at what you want for your relationship and create a vision board that sets your intention to build and grow that shared vision.

The Individual Workshop

Helps you create goals and vision to move forward in general or in specific areas of your life. 

Run as group looks at who you are as a person and helps you create goals and vision to move forward in general or in specific areas of your life. This workshop can be run for a group that you might want to bring together for an annual vision and intention setting party!

The Entrepreneur Workshop

To help you set goals for your business as an entrepreneur

To helps you to look at your business and identify where you want to go with it, what might be stopping you and create a vision around specific identified areas for your business as well as clear targets and goals.

31 Women

Entrepreneurial development and action for women
A six week experience for women to look at developing an entrepreneurial mindset and idea and identify actions to achieve a creative and ambitious shift in moving towards the life you want whether at home or in the world

Vision SPA®

The workshop is a completely safe space to explore your relationship and yourself

Vision SPA®

Do the workshop if you are in a rut and unsure of how to move forward, the session has really helped clarify how I’m feeling, how my partner is feeling and how to move forward

GLOW programme

I would like to give a big thanks to Diana for the coaching undertaken thus far. I believe that I have changed my thoughts in regards to my worth and have developed further understanding of my actions and behaviours and how this could have an effect on me and my development. I am excited to see where the sessions will take me

Massah S

GLOW programme

I can’t recommend Diana highly enough. I have had an incredible experience and the change I have in myself and the way I view my life and career has changed hugely for the better. There is no question for me – If you feel you would benefit from counselling or coaching Diana is the person to call

Chris R

GLOW programme

I have been seeing Diana over a year of self discovery. Diana has helped me to know my worth. I’ve learnt that I’m a nice person and to be able to say ‘I really like myself’ took a while but it felt powerful to say it and believe it. I’m a completely different woman than a year ago, a much happier and confident woman. So thank you Diana for your words of wisdom, kind nature and being able to reach in and get the old me back

Suki B

Why work with Diana?

I would say that you are very understanding, easy to talk to and ready to dive into the issues at hand

Why work with Diana?

You won’t regret the insight you will develop and you will be made to feel comfortable, listened to and your experience and progress cared for

Why work with Diana?

I recommend you to everybody! You are practical, thoughtful, kind and knowledgeable, very easy to talk to and feel you’re in a very safe place

Vision SPA

Attending this vision board workshop was refreshing and insightful. Not only was it, an uplifting experience but I gained some life enhancement tools, to help me continuously manifest the best version of myself. As well as learnt how to, identify issues that may arise, how to recover when facing times of doubt and finding peace in the process when problems arise. This workshop allowed me, to focus on the things I wanted to take place in my life, without any distractions. I recommend this course to anyone who is seeking more out of life and needs guidance and support.

Michaelia J

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